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Legacy Fitness was founded in 2005 with a simple mission in mind… to change lives and help others make

health and fitness part of their lasting LEGACY.

It is our philosophy that in order to reach and maintain any health/fitness goal, one must undergo a

LIFESTYLE overhaul, and our programs are built to do just that. Legacy Fitness boasts hundreds of

testimonials from people who have changed their lives and their bodies for good.

Our mission isn’t just to help you lose weight and gain muscle, but to change your daily habits so you can

attain and maintain the body and life of your dreams!


Griffin Jerke

Owner &

Lifestyle Coach

Kate Jerke

Owner &

Operations Manager

Kim Madden

Certified Nutrition Specialist/Lifestyle Coach

Maranda Gernes

Certified Nutrition Specialist/Lifestyle Coach

Eric Rathke

Certified Nutrition Specialist/Lifestyle Coach

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